Speaker & Spokesperson Bureau

Available Speakers

If you are interested in having one of the below speakers at your upcoming event, please contact them directly using their contact information listed.


April Sorenson, RD, LN

  • Ditch the Diet: Weight loss with lifestyle changes

  • Boosting your immune system with nutrition

  • Getting nutrition services covered by insurance for RDNs

  • Kids in the Kitchen: How and why we should teach cooking and nutrition skills to youth.

  • Nutrition hacks to reduce inflammation



Christa Biegler, RD, LN

  • The Less Stressed Life: How stress robs us of nutrition, happiness, and healing + practical strategies you can start using today to overcome it.

  • All Over: Nutritional implications of eczema & other skin conditions.

  • Fast Track to Fabulous: A functional approach to reversing digestive issues and improving immune function.

  • Micronutrient patterns, nutrigenomics, ketogenic/intermittent fasting research, nutrition for women’s health and communicating with clients for health professionals.




Amanda Lambrechts, MS, RD, LN


Shelly Brandenburger, DC, PhD, RD, LN


Tanja Cutting, MS, RD, LN, CDE

Speaker Sponsorship

SDAND will consider a matching stipend up to $250 for speakers selected from the Speaker & Spokesperson Bureau to help defray travel and speaking fees. Applications are considered based on available funds, with the fiscal year restarting in June. APPLY HERE for the Speaker Sponsorship after you’ve contacted your preferred speaker. Request receipt of application by emailing eatrightsdand@gmail.com.

SDAND sponsorship must be recognized in your organization's marketing for the event and evaluations of the event must be sent to SDAND at: eatrightsdand@gmail.com.

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Joining the speaker & Spokesperson’s bureau

If you are a member of SDAND and have, 1) Been a member of SDAND for two years; 2) Have speaking experience; 3) Would like your topics that promote roles of the RDN to be shared with complementary organizations or listed as a resource for media outlets, please apply for the SDAND Speaker & Spokesperson Bureau by filling out this application.

SDAND Speaker & Spokesperson Bureau members are required to include that they are partially funded via SDAND and include a slide about how to work with a dietitian in their presentation.