South Dakota Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics


The South Dakota Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics is the professional association for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in South Dakota that:



for increasing reimbursement for MNT, and legislation that impacts RDNs, such as the Farm Bill, diabetes prevention, food security or licensure issues.



future students to become involved by offering student Academy memberships to undergraduate dietetics students and dietetic interns.



the role of the RDN through connections with the community, ancillary healthcare associations, and relationships with state/national lawmakers.



member benefits, such as scholarships, local continuing education opportunities, social events, job postings, speaking opportunities, awards and more.

You can become of member of SDAND by joining the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and selecting South Dakota as your affiliate.


SDAND Member Benefits


  • Member Scholarships for conferences, continuing education and more

  • Member social events on both sides of the state

  • Discounted annual conference and event fees for continuing education

  • A voice in local and national public policy including expanding reimbursement for RDNs, preserving licensure and being involved with bipartisan nutrition issues

  • Listing in the Find a Dietitian Directory

  • Member Awards - View Nomination Form HERE
    +Awards are given every year for: Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year, Outstanding Dietitian of the Year, Emerging Dietetic Leader, Outstanding Preceptor of the Year and Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year. View past award winners

  • Access to member email list (request access to the Member’s Only Google Drive to find information on getting added to the list)

  • Job postings


  • Access to the SDAND Member Digest which is sent quarterly

  • Board of Director opportunities with travel and access to national stakeholders

  • Access to a Member’s Only Facebook Group and resources

  • Access to the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Journal

  • Access to the Monthly Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Food & Nutrition Magazine

  • Preceptor opportunities

  • Opportunities to meet and get to know other cool dietitians in your state

Board of Directors

Elections for open board positions are done every spring and new officers take office at the beginning of the Academy year in June. If you are interested in being on the Board of Directors OR nominating someone else to be on the BOD, please fill out THIS FORM.

If you are not a member of SDAND and need to contact someone on the BOD, email with your questions and/or to request contact information. If you are a current SDAND member and need to contact a member of the BOD you can find contact information in this Member’s Only Google Drive Folder.

President: Christa Biegler

Term: 2018-2020
Duties: Responsible for member reconciliation, serving on all committees, promoting Speaker’s Bureau and Find a RD resource, and being the contact for partner organizations. Plans SDAND annual conference during first year and helps president-elect during second year. Travels to FNCE once/term.

Treasurer: Mollie Greenway

Term: 2018-2021
Duties: Plans annual budget with financial secretary. Acts as primary approval for SDAND financial items with President and pays SDAND bills. Serves on annual conference committee to keep committee on budget.

Secretary/Financial Secretary: Tiffany Krogstad

Term: 2017-2020
Duties: Works with treasurer on budget plans. Takes and submits meeting minutes of BOD and general membership meeting. Serves as secondary approval for SDAND financial items and is able to fulfill treasurer duties in treasurer absence. Makes BOD members with travel budgets aware of budget.

President-Elect: Bill Wonnenberg

Term: 2019-2020
Duties: Works hand-in-hand with the president and attends president-elect training. Plans SDAND annual conference with conference planning committee and present. After one year as president-elect, will act as SDAND president for a 2-year term.

Treasurer-Elect: Open

Term: 2020-2021
Works hand-in-hand with the treasurer in the final year of their term. During this one year term, the treasurer-elect will be receive training/access to all accounts and budgets.

Executive Coordinator: Mary Jane Richardson

Term: Ongoing
Duties: Acts as continuity person from year to year, helping to complete LLC filing with the state of South Dakota as well as tax reporting. Also participates in SDAND annual convention planning, including coordinating contracts and travel arrangements for speakers and vendor communication.

Public Policy Committee

Public Policy Coordinator: Lindsay Stern

Term: 2017-2020
Duties: Chairs public policy committee (PPC). Attends to national legislation that affects RDs. Sets up Congressional meetings for Public Policy Workshop. Educates SDAND members on federal legislative and policy issues. Is the key connection to AND Policy and Initiatives staff. Trains PPC-Elect in final year.

State Policy Specialist: Kelsey Johnson

Term: 2019-2022
Duties: Monitors state legislative activities and bills with support from AND's policy arm. Works closely with PPC on overall legislative efforts, nutrition-related bills, state agency liaison for reimbursement and takes the lead on state Legislative Day or events planned with PPC.

Delegate/Bylaws: Lacey McCormack

Term: 2019-2022
Duties: Serves as the affiliate voice in the national House of Delegates. Ensures alignment of public policy activities with Academy priorities. PPC member and works with Reimbursement Rep in planning initiatives. Attends one in person HOD meeting and one virtual HOD meeting per year. Updates policy and procedure manual each year and reconciles bylaws.

Public Policy Coordinator-Elect: Chris Comstock

Term: 2019-2020
Duties: Works with Public Polcicy Coordinator to learn the dynamics of local and national legislative efforts. Assists with grassroots events and travels to Public Policy Workshop if able.

Reimbursement Representative: Kat Thomsen

Term: 2018-2021
Duties: Serves as a local resource for SDAND members who have questions about reimbursement issues and serves as coordinator of local advocacy efforts to expand state (Medicaid) and local (private payer) nutrition coverage policies. Works with HOD position and participates in training from the Academy.

Consumer Protection Liaison: April Sorensen

Term: 2018-2021
Duties: Informs SDAND membership about consumer protection issues and monitors the activities of state licensure, certification and/or regulatory boards. Uses email templates to field and address state scope creep complaints/issues in house prior to taking anything to SDBMOE board. Appointed position.

Nominating Committee & Awards

Nominating Committee Chair/Awards: Alyssa Gehle

Term: 2018-2021
Duties: Chairs nominating committee (chair has been on committee longest) to curate nominations and carry out board of director elections. Also promotes voting in national AND election to local membership and helps with award selection.

Awards Chair/Nominating Committee: Lisa Stark

Term: 2017-2020
Duties: Chairs award nominations and selection. Works with executive coordinator on awards ordering and presentation at the annual conference luncheon. Helps curate nominations and carry out local board of director elections.

Nominating Committee/Awards: Allison Lutz

Term: 2018-2021
Duties: Helps nominating committee curate nominations and carry out local board of director elections. Also helps with award selection.

Fundraising & Social Events

Fundraising & Social Events coordination Chair: Chase Merfeld

Term: 2017-2020
Duties: Responsible for determining and executing fundraising initiatives that fund SDAND member scholarships. Responsible for planning/coordinating social events at annual meetings, RD Days or quarterly for SDAND members or appoints someone to help with socials. Appointed position.

Fundraising & Social Events Coordination: Melissa wilcoxon

Term: 2017-2020
Duties: Responsible for determining and executing fundraising initiatives that fund SDAND member scholarships. Responsible for planning/coordinating social events at annual meetings, RD Days or quarterly for SDAND members or appoints someone to help with socials. Appointed position.

Social Media, Email & Website Coordination

Digest Editor/Email Monitor/Website: Amanda Lambrechts

Term: 2018-2021
Duties: Works with Social Media and Website Coordinator for website updates, new member benefit additions to website, and membership reconciliation annually in August with President. Curates articles for quarterly Member Digest, disseminates to membership and places in Member's Only folder. Checks and resolves membership email questions/issues at least monthly. Appointed position.

Social Media Chair/Email Monitor/Website: Emily Hofer

Term: 2019-2022
Duties: Works with Digest Editor on website updates and email responses monthly. Disseminates events and updates via Facebook membership group and page. Responsible for working with Digest Editor and President on membership reconciliation annually for Find a RD page and other website member benefits, such as approving Member's Only requests after checking membership lists. Appointed position.

ListServ Monitor: Becky Jensen

Term: Ongoing
Duties: Approves membership emails to the ListServ and adds/subtracts members from List Serv after membership renewal annually. Receives list to add/delete from email/website coordinators.


Diversity Liaison: Shelly Brandenburger

Term: 2019-2021
Duties: Diversity Liaisons are charged with conducting diversity outreach events to promote the profession to diverse individuals and/or increase the cultural competency of current practitioners by planning at least one program per year.

Student Liaison: open

Term: 2019-2021
Duties: Submits quarterly report to SDAND board on student activities and participats in special projects as requested such as social events, Facebook group monitoring, annual meeting registration, etc. Appointed position based on application submissions.

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Existing SDAND Members

Request access to the Member’s Only Google Drive for past digest articles, PDF of Policy & Procedure manual, List Serv access info, scholarship application, reimbursement application and more.

Request access to SDAND Member’s Only Facebook Group for event announcements and forum discussions.

***List Serv Access: SDAND is grateful for the List Serv hosted by South Dakota State University. Recently, some email addresses (especially Gmail) have been inadvertently removed by their email provider. You can request to be re-added if you believe you have been removed from the List Serv by using the instructions in the Member’s Only Google Drive folder.


New Board of Directors

Upon being elected to the BOD, you will be added to the BOD Member’s Only Google Drive folder. If you do not receive this invite, request access to BOD Member’s Only Google Drive here.

Open the Policy & Procedure Manual (in Google Drive), find your position description and review. Add dates for action items to your calendar.

Review this BOD Orientation FAQ document.

Reach out to the past position holder and get a briefing on your position and upcoming action items.

Reach out to two other BOD members (see BOD Listing above) and introduce yourself.

Touch base with your position "buddies" at least quarterly to laugh, exchange ideas and blaze the future of nutrition.

Public Policy

SDAND has a robust Public Policy Committee serving local and national policy efforts.


The State Policy Specialist monitors local laws and legislative efforts that affect RDNs in South Dakota, as well as plans a state policy event in Pierre each year to promote the RDN to local lawmakers. The Consumer Protection Liaison handles reports and concerns related to state licensure, and the Reimbursement Representative handles all inquiries related to reimbursement for Medical Nutrition Therapy, including reimbursement with SD Medicaid.

National POLICY

The Public Policy Coordinator and Public Policy Coordinator-Elect, along with the House of Delegates Representative monitor national issues that affect local RDNs such as the Farm Bill (dining programs), diabetes prevention and more. The Public Policy Coordinator also plans local interactions with congressional delegates as well as travels to Washington, D.C. each year for Public Policy Workshop and meets with our national representative and senators.


Public Policy WOrkshop

To learn more about Public Policy Workshop visit the Academy’s website.


local representation

Not sure who your local district legislators are? Learn more below.

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State Legislative day

Watch the Events and Resources page for information on 2020 Legislative Day.