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Kelsey Zvejnieks, RD, LN

Specialty: Clinical Dietitian
Workplace/Contact: Rapid City Regional Hospital

Suzanne Stluka, Phd, RD, LN

Specialty: Food Security & Nutrition Education
Workplace/Contact: SDSU Extension/

Alyssa Gehle, MPH, RDN, LN

Specialty: Community Nutrition, Public Health

Chris Comstock, MS, RD, LN

Specialty: Nutrition Education, Sustainability
Workplace/Contact: South Dakota State University/

Elli Nyberg, MS, RDN, LN, LD

Specialty: Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Hospice, School Nutrition, Food Service Management, Menu Planning, Hospital Clinical Nutrition, Consultant Dietitian   
Workplace/Contact: 605-359-1065/

Kristen Meyer, RD, LN

Specialty: Consultant Dietitian

Becky Schaible, RD,LN

Specialty: Clinical Nutrition
Sodexo/Prairie Lakes Healthcare System, 401 9th Ave NW, Watertown, SD/

Theresa Nordin, RD, LN

Specialty: Pediatrics
Workplace/Contact: Rapid City Regional Health/605-755-8253

Nancy Miller, MS, RDN, CDE

Specialty: Nephrology
Workplace/Contact: Avera Dialysis

Jackie Binder, MS, RD, LN, LMNT

Specialty: WIC Consultant
Workplace/Contact: 605-660-0688

Kayla Aman, RDN, LN

Specialty: Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management
Workplace/Contact: Hy-Vee Foods, 790 22nd Ave S, Brookings, SD/605-696-5486

Megan Jacobson, LN, RDN

Specialty: Public Health, Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Master Trainer Certified
Workplace/Contact: SDSU Extension, Mitchell Regional Extension Center, 1800 E Spruce St, Mitchell, SD 57301

Jason Kingsbury, RD, LN

Specialty: Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics  
Workplace/Contact: 402-350-4624

Janice Brandenburger, RDN, LN

Specialty: Long Term Care
Workplace/Contact: Brandenburger Consulting

Carol A. Pitts, MS, RD, LN

Specialty: Consultant Dietitian
Workplace/Contact: 695 5770

Kelly Messner, RD LN

Specialty: Transplan, Kidney Disease, Long Term Care
Workplace/Contact: Sanford Transplant/605-328-9286

Megan Hlavacek, MS , RDN, LN, CLC

Specialty: Community and Public Health Nutrition

Marni Whalen, MS, RD, LN, CDE

Specialty: Weight Management, Diabetes, Working with Veterans
Workplace/Contact: 605-718-1095 (Ext 3054)

Sara Berreth, MS, RDN, LN

Specialty: Clinical Dietitian, Consultant Dietitian
Workplace/Contact: 605-695-8964/

Allison Lutz, RD LN CDE

Specialty: Diabetes, Outpatient Nutrition Therapy
Workplace/Contact: Sioux Falls VA/


Specialty: Clinical Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: Sanford Health/605-333-7130

Dawn Johnson, RD,LN

Specialty: Clinical Nutrition Manager
Workplace/Contact: Avera McKennan/605-322-8788

Amanda Lambrechts, MS, RD, LN

Specialty: Eating Disorders, Intuitive Eating, Healthy at Every Size (R)
Workplace/Contact: Spilling the Beans Nutrition, LLC/

MEgan Erickson, MS, RDN, LN

Specialty: Community & Public Health Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: SDSU Extension/

Andrea Hanson, MS, RDN, LN

Specialty: Bariatrics, Research
Workplace/Contact: Avera McKennan Hospital/605-322-1194/

Melinda Boyd, DCN, MPH, MHR, RD, LN

Specialty:  Weight Management, Women’s Health, Vegetarian Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: Ellsworth AFB/

Mary Beth Russell, MS, RD, LN, CDE

Specialty: Director of Food and Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: Avera Heart Hospital/605-595-4435

Melissa Wilcoxon, RDN, LN

Specialty: Outpatient Services
Workplace/Contact: Sanford Health/605-328-1518

Tanja Cutting, MS, RD, CDE, LN

Specialty: Diabetes, Sports Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: Cut N’ Run Sports Nutrition/

Lacey Arneson McCormack, PhD, MPH, RD, LN, EP-C

Specialty: Research and Education, Rural Food Environment, Public Health Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: South Dakota State University/

Christa Biegler, RD, LN, CLT

Specialty: Digestive, Skin, Autoimmunity, Inflammation, Allergies & Sensitivities, Functional Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: /

Emily Hofer, MS, RD, LN

Specialty: Worksite Wellness
Workplace/Contact: Sanford Health Plan,

Margaret Kuiper, RDN, MA, CDE, LN

Specialty: Inpatient and Outpatient, Specializing in Diabetes & Weight Loss
Workplace/Contact: Sanford Health/

Sarah Straight, RD, CSG, LN

Specialty: Gerontological Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: VA Black Hills Healthcare System/

Kelsey Raml, MS, RD, LN

Specialty: Outpatient Nutrition Counseling: Weight Management, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Wellness
Workplace/Contact: Brown Clinic, 511 14th Ave NE, Watertown SD/605.884.4226/

Krista Leischner, MS, RD, LN

Speciality: School Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: Rapid City Area Schools/

Tami Toczek, RDN

Specialty: Medical Nutrition Therapy with a focus on Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease
Workplace/Contact: PO Box 85, Martin, SD 57551/308-360-1348

Abby LeBrun, MA, RD, LN

Specialty: Adult Nutrition Care, Foodservice Management

Celine Thompson, MS, RDN, LN

Specialty: Women's Health, Infertility, Digestive, Hormone Balance, Period Problems, PCOS, Prenatal & Postnatal

Whitney (Jerman) Blindert, MS, RDN, LN

Specialty: Dairy, Agriculture, Public Speaking

Marni Whalen, MS, RD, LN, CDE

Specialty: Weight Management, Diabetes, Wellness

Kristen Meyer, RD, LN

Specialty: Consultant Dietitian- Assisted Livings/Long-Term Care; Food Service Management; Clinical Nutrition

Helen Nichols, RD LN CDE

Specialty: Diabetes, Weight Management, Gluten Free
Workplace/Contact: 605-390-5090

Jordan Eichacker, MS, RD, LN

Specialty: Clinical and Outpatient Nutrition Counseling
Workplace/Contact: Madison Regional Health System, Madison, SD/605-256-8684/

Cathy Jo Tooley, MS, RD, LN

Specialty: GI Disorders
Workplace/Contact: Avera Medical Group Gastroenterology

Melissa Vondrak, RDN, LN

Specialty: Community Health & Nutrition Education; Outpatient Nutrition Counseling; Celiac Disease/Gluten-Free Diet
Workplace/Contact: SDSU Extension (Sioux Falls office)/Falls Community Health/

Ellen Grimlie, RDN, LN

Speciality: Inpatient Clinical Nutrition
Workplace/Contact: Sanford Health/605-333-7133